Meet The Team

Kieron Franklin

I am delighted to be joining the team this year. I bring with me many years of serving in the British Army, where I became fascinated about how we can take our fitness to a higher level and be better than we were yesterday. Before I joined the Army, I would never have thought of being able to run for as long or as fast as I did.

I had no real understanding of fitness I knew what a gym was but wasn’t too sure what to do once I got there, not many people helped back then either. Through trial and error, sometimes big errors, I found my way, researching the science behind training gave me an advantage. By understanding not only how the body works but why it works that way, I gave myself the opportunity to achieve the results. From bulking up to shredding body fat, to becoming better at cardio to building muscle, each journey took years of research and understanding. Now I can pass this to you and help to change your body into what you want it to be, increasing your limits, having fun, driving you forward, always at your side. I look forward to seeing you at BodyFit Camp this Autumn / Winter; the whole package is fantastic. We have some great new classes and techniques and I hope you will part of it.

Julia House

Julie is fully trained in Zumba and Dance, and has been teaching her own classes in Bournemouth for the past few years. Julie also takes the Aqua classes in our indoor pool, which are always a good end to a hard days workout!


Andrew is very much been there, done that…
An ex long-distance cyclist and runner, who survived a heart-attack, overcame the odds and not only recovered but attained a level of health and fitness significantly greater than he had before.
His speciality is strength and conditioning; and his favourite piece of exercise equipment is the kettlebell.

Alexa Warner

Alexa is a Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness teacher and wellbeing trainer, she specialises in teaching people how to use their minds to achieve both physical and emotional goals, whether that be increased focus or motivation, or freedom from unhealthy habits, chronic physical or emotional pain, stress and anxiety.

During this Q & A session she will be teaching you some quick and easy techniques to get your life on track and stay there, and will be open to your questions.

Alexa has 10 years of experience using these methods firstly to transform her own life from one governed by pain and illness that left her registered disabled to live the full and active life that she does now. You can hear her story at

Joy Kao

Joy is a passionate and motivated Yoga instructor specialising in Ashtanga techniques. Joy has been learning concepts of yogic philosophy as well as Asana practice. Joy’s teaching engages the integral aspects of yoga in both a physical and spiritual aspect. From the roots of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, Joy’s teachings spread through different styles including Vinyasa flow, gentle flow and yoga basic.

Sue Bruce-Burgess

Sue has worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years as a qualified Instructor, Personal Trainer and a Lecturer in exercise and fitness. She is also qualified in GP referrals, Circuits, Meta fit, P90X, PIYO, Boxercise, Spinning, Aqua, Pilates, Kids Fitness, Older Adults Fitness, Pre and Post Natal Fitness, Studio Resistance and Walking.

Sue has been an Insanity Instructor for over 2 years and uses it for her own training, as well as competing in Tough Mudders and Spartan Races.

You may recognise Sue as she was once a contestant on Gladiators; her mantra is “have ago or you will never know”