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BodyFit Camp is dedicated to providing an affordable, realistic solution to weight loss and getting fit. We value each and every one of our customers, and welcome any feedback. Please send your comments to info@queenshotelbournemouth.com

“Jake is fantastic and so are the rest, but we love Jake the best! Excellent food with a fantastic variety”

– Sarah Sayer, stayed November 2017

“I think the variation of classes is just right. Julie is outstanding as is Hannah, Lee’s classes were great and don’t let Jake go. Room was great”

– Roberta Black, stayed November 2017

“Excellent, great value for money. In February there were 2 of us, this time there were 5 and next time there could be 7 or 8 so proof of how good it is. Hotel staff can’t do enough for you, brilliant! Jake is a great addition”

– Bev Keech, stayed November 2017

“The enthusiasm and commitment of all trainers and staff is exceptional, which provides a motivational kick start to future fitness!”

– Jo McLaughlin, stayed November 2017

“Really enjoyed the classes, the coaches are all so enthusiastic and do an amazing job. Room very clean and comfortable. Amazing value for money, the spa treatment was amazing”

– Charlotte Mee, stayed November 2017

“There’s nothing like this for the price in the entire country, I’ve travelled all the way from Manchester for it! The whole week was amazing, I feel very refreshed”

– Susannah Mee, stayed November 2017

“Food was very good and tasty, salmon was delicious. Lee’s classes were fantastic, Mo and Jake were brilliant”

– Frances Egan, stayed November 2017

“Julie is outstanding, as is Hannah! Jake was excellent and very good company. A lovely mix of classes and true professionalism. Yes I will be back!!”

– Verity, stayed November 2017

“Enjoyed it, like the pace and variety of classes. Enjoyed all the classes and talks, particularly Julie’s classes. Impressed with the knowledge of all the instructors. Loved the morning walk, regardless of the weather”

– Kay Marriot, stayed November 2017

“Staff in hotel reception brilliant in offering assistance, service in the restaurant quick and service is brilliant. Jake’s walks are great fun, Julie’s 30/30 classes are one of the best and Lee and Mo are great!”

– Rebecca Jones, stayed November 2017

“We have had the most fantastic 5 days. Brilliant instructors, amazing food, great accommodations, weight loss, increased fitness, everything that is promised and more, can’t recommend this 5 day body blitz enough. Left with amazing weight loss and fantastic friends, thank you Bournemouth body camp.”

– Amanda Biley, stayed January 2017 

“My fourth bodyfit camp and it was the BEST ONE yet!! The team are helpful and friendly, the classes fun and varied, the food is AMAZING and the camp itself is unbelievable value for money. I’ve already booked again for next year. Everyone should start their year at bootcamp.”

– Amy Capron – Khoo, stayed January 2017 

“My 2nd time here and loved it as much as my first time. Brilliant place, brilliant staff and trainers. Can’t recommend highly enough..”

– Jo Murray, stayed October 2016 

“The mixture of trainers is brilliant and how they all have a lot of knowledge in different areas really helps. It has helped me so much with self rehab and i will be returning asap. I can not thank the staff enough, even in the hotel, you all made me feel so welcome..”

– Claire Brown, stayed February 2016 & October 2016

“Fantastic – i was pushed really hard, tried lots of new activities, and feel much stronger, fitter and more flexible. Great value for money and the spa is excellent. The food is delicious and healthy, with great choice.”

– Emily Clifford, stayed April 2016 

“Thank you to all the instructors, who were knowledgeable and motivating and encouraged individuals to work within their own limits, offering adaptions to exercises, making them either easier or more challenging. They were also very friendly and approachable. The food was delicious and nutritious, whilst taking into account that some individuals were hoping to achieve weight loss, but at the same time providing enough energy to perform well’ during exercise. Body, mind and spirit all improved.”

– Lee Beatson, stayed March 2016 

“Much better than I had anticipated. The structure is well balanced. I learned that my body can do more than I imagined. Amazing. Loved it! My benefit was tremendous. Look better, feel better, lost weight and totally able to go forward with a full personal programme. Thank you all very much for what you have given me. My confidence has already increased by 10 fold.”

– Judith Greenidge, stayed February 2016

“Really motivating to continue on my weight loss journey, lots of helpful hints and tips to carry through like at home. Given me the kick I needed to continue at home.”

– Kelly Durrant, stayed February 2016

“I enjoyed it all. The tough experience, the fun and the friendship, the variety and timing of activities and the treatments. Wonderful value for money and top instructors, intuitive, sensitive, profesional and always pushing you that bit more. Good variety of food, tasty, and cooked with love. This has been one of the most enjoyable and useful life changing experiences of my life!”

– Helen Davison, stayed October 2015

I came for the five day boot camp experience – I must say I had the most fantastic time. The deal was excellent value for money, and every day we could make use of the spa and have a treatment a day and the massages were amazing.  The hotel was brilliant – I had a very generously sized room with all of the amenities I needed. The bed was very comfy after a day’s exercise! The food was absolutely fantastic and they offered a wide range of options for breakfast and dinner.

I could not recommend this boot camp more – the more you put in, the more you get out, and I shall definitely be booking another one!

– Alice Perry, stayed February 2015

I just wanted to send you all an email to say a huge thank you. I came on holiday from Australia and in my last week of holidays did your Boot camp.

I was very unsure how I would go with this as I lack in confidence and have quite a few ongoing health issues, but I had a great time and think I took a lot out of the classes. I have been inspired by the kick boxing and since returning to Australia I have joined a gym that specialises in boxing and start on Monday.

I surprised myself with participating in all the classes everyday and giving things a go that I knew were a challenge and that took me out of my little bubble.

I want to thank you all for your support encouragement and warm, fun nature. The classes made us work hard but gave us all a laugh and a bit of fun whilst we exercised. You all do a wonderful job and are so dedicated at what you do. I wish I lived closer as I definitely would return in the future. I was very sad to leave and head back to Australia. I feel like I had an extended family for that week.

Thank you for giving your time to help others reach their goals. You each have a very special gift I’m so pleased I could share it with you.

I would love to keep you posted with how I go with kickboxing and hear how the camps are going. Thank you again for everything.

-Tanya, stayed February 2015


Fun and relaxed, same results in 5 days as I got with 7 days at a military bootcamp!

Brilliant instructors, just the boost I needed for the new year. Feel so much better and energetic.

Thank you!

– Helen Hudson, stayed January 2015

I feel motivated and have improved my self esteem, great instructors and at amazing prices.
I had a really great experience.

– Amy Capron, stayed January 2015

Fun, enjoyable and lots of variety, but challenging!

The whole team and trainers were very fun to be with! I have learnt new moves and classes, thanks so much.

– Suki Mahil, stayed January 2015



Very inspirational, & surprising because I had forgotten how to do exercise, how much I enjoyed it and how much it makes you feel a happy buzz! Evening meals have been delicious with lovely vegetables, and nice big rooms. I have learned a lot about food and I now have a lot of info to change my life for the better. It’s great to have such an enthusiastic teacher and group to inspire you.

– Cathy Lowman, stayed January 2015

It was passed my expectations. It was hard, fun and very informative. Great way to start the year, feel like I can go on positively in exercise and in my life. It was just what I needed.

– Sharyn Hannah, stayed January 2015

Booked on the Bootcamp for 3 days what an innovative concept for the hotel, it ticked all the boxes. Treatments at Forever Gorgeous Spa are a must too! The girls are the best. Hotel is practically on the beach front. Plus you have shopping very nearby. The food was brilliant!”

– Hyde Family, stayed February 2013

I booked a three day stay through Group on for a boot camp and I loved every second! It was such good value for money with a huge, clean room all to yourself (perfect and well needed after a hard days slog!). Food was amazing, company fantastic have made some great friends, came away fitter, motivated and chuffed to bits that I booked this deal, will defo be booking up again with this fantastic, friendly and clean hotel

– Mrs Howes, stayed February 2013